NTT Group’s 2015 and 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report has shown startling gaps in the industry’s focus on the importance of IT security and the impact a security incident can have on a business and its ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners. Analysing trillions of log lines and six billion worldwide attacks on 18,000 clients globally, the analysis shows that organisations are not anticipating being compromised, do not effectively defend themselves against a security threat, and are not adequately prepared to recover from security incidents.

In this eBook by NTT ICT and Juniper Networks, find out:

    • Latest security trends in Australia
    • Significant threats you may be exposed to
    • Practical advice on how you can improve your security operations and reduce your threat profile
    • Security technologies and measures that you can implement in your organisation

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    77% of organisations don't know how to recover from a security incident. Are you one of them?