The growth of Shadow IT and why many enterprises are now dependent on it

78% of business decision makers admit that employees in their department were using cloud services without the IT department’s knowledge.

What does this mean for your organisation?

In one corner we have the IT department, let us call them the ‘Ministry of No’. In the other corner we have ‘the People’, IT users who are bypassing the Ministry’s rules to procure cloud services directly to get their jobs done. By doing this they are all breaking security policies and hiding expenses in the black. Has the IT department lost control? Do business units really want to run their own IT services?

In this research commissioned by NTT Communications, find out:

  • The motivations behind shadow IT
  • How prevalent shadow IT is in large organisations
  • What implications shadow IT can have on innovation and compliance
  • Recommendations for IT departments looking to harness the power of shadow IT

Download the Growing pains in the cloud II: The people vs the ministry of no

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